Chapter 1 Introduction

EZCancerTarget provides detailed biological information on the selected set of target molecules using open-access databases, such as UniProt, GeneCards, Gene Ontology and STRING - (“UniProt: the universal protein knowledgebase in 2021” 2020); Safran et al. (2021); Ashburner et al. (2000); The Gene Ontology Consortium et al. (2021); Szklarczyk et al. (2021). This way, the user receives a concise summary on the biological relevance of every target, that is explicitly important for researchers who are not experts in molecular biology.

1.1 How to Cite EZCancerTarget

David Dora, Timea Dora, Gabor Szegvari, Csongor Gerdán, Zoltan Lohinai 2022. EZCancerTarget: an open-access drug repurposing and data-collection tool to enhance target validation and optimize international research efforts against highly progressive cancers. BioData Mining 15, 25 (2022).

1.2 Running with no installation

1.2.1 Input Google Spreadsheet

EZCancerTarget - Target INPUT table - the easiest way to provide input dataset to EZCancerTarget workflow and start it on GitHub.

Its access requires

  • a Google account,
  • an editor permission,
  • cooperations with other users to avoid unintended changes of initial dataset.

1.2.2 Result page and workflow status check


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